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Back Pain, Neck Pain & Whiplash, Headaches, Sports Injuries, Shoulder & Eibow Pain, Wrist & Hand Pain

What our patients say

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  • I've been undergoing infra-red laser treatment on my shoulder for nearly 2 months now and it's easily one of the best physio treatments I've ever had. Its easy, quick and not at all invasive. I can feel a real difference in my shoulder muscles, less pain and more strength! I would definitely recommend it!

    C. Morgan, Cheltenham,

  • was directed to Sava Physio via my insurance company following a road traffic accident. He has managed to work on my neck and shoulder muscles that were tight and aching following the accident. Very professional, with excellent facilities - he has worked miracles and I recommend the service as first class - thank you Sava.

    M.S. Cheltenham,

  • I have had treatments off Sava for a couple of different muscular problems now, one for a back problem and the other for a foot issue. On both occasions i needed no more than 3 treatments and the problem disappeared! I highly recommend him. Go try out his magic!!

    Alex Clark, Cheltenham,

  • I was sent to Sava for treatment by my insurance company following a collision with a car which caused soft tissue neck, shoulder and chest injuries. I was in considerable pain and had restricted movement. Using massage and laser techniques, Sava has done an amazing job and I feel so much more mobile with much less pain. He gave me exercises to do between appointments which also helped a lot. I am very grateful for the care he took to gauge how much treatment I was able to tolerate at each session and adapted his treatment accordingly. Best wishes

    Jane Jones, Cheltenham,

  • My insurance company offered me treatment at Sava Physio following a car accident. I was in great pain, discomfort and was finding it almost impossible to move my neck and shoulders. Sava Physio helped me to get back the movement in my neck and shoulders in a way I'd not thought possible. The pain decreased with every visit thanks to the wonderful care and treatment received. The clinic was amazing and I've recommended it to all my friends and family. Thank you Sava Physio!

    Rose Moss,